Q: Is there a limit to the number of Projects I add, or Tasks that I assign

A: No Limits with MyDaily

Q: Are there limits on the number of Users

A: No User Limits with MyDaiy.  Users can be added or deleted on-the-fly.

Q: What type of Users are there, and how do User Permissions work?

A: There are 3 different types of Users. 

  1. MANAGERS who are able to create and update Projects, create and assign Tasks to their supporting personnel on a Task-by-Task basis, and view all Reports.  MANAGERS from different business departments (Finance, Marketing, HR, etc.) can all be added to a Project, and they can assign their own USERS to whom Tasks are assigned.  MANAGERS can also be assigned Tasks by other Project Managers.
  2. USERS are individual workers to whom Tasks are assigned.  USERS can also be Consultants and Independent Contractors not directly employed by the Client. USERS can also be from a Customer of the Client where cooperative collaboration is required or encouraged.
  3. WATCHERS are a type of USER, but they can only see Projects and/or Tasks.  A WATCHER has no permission to modify and add data, comments, or documents in MyDaily.

Q: How does the MyDaily To-Do section work.

A: Each User in MyDaily, regardless of their permissions (Manager, User, or Watcher) has access to their own To-Do list.  No other User has access to another Users To-Do list.  The To-Do feature is a personal reminder to do something; a phone call, schedule a meeting, call a new friend to invite for dinner, request a raise, time off for vacation, etc..