Just $3.00 your first month

Q: Is there a minimum number of Users required?

A: No!  You can be the only User in the beginning, and as you become more familiar with MyDaily, you can add more Users and assign them their permissions.

Q: How do you calculate my monthly fee?

A: We always calculate your fee based on the actual number of Users registered to your MyDaily at the end of each 30-day billing period.  For example, in month 1 you end the month with 5 Users.  Your fee is then $15.00.  During month 2 you have a huge Project and add 100 new Users, but 23-days into the month you finish your Project and delete 95 of those new Users – ending month 2 with a count of 5 Users.  Your fee is $15.00.

Q: Is my data safe?

A: The safety and security of your data within any of our services has always been of the highest priority. Our website and hosting facilities maintain security on our websites and servers. Website Security scans our websites for potential security-related issues such as pharmaceutical hacks, redirect hacks, backdoor file hacks, Trojan viruses and many more.

Q: Can I cancel or terminate my MyDaily account anytime?

A: Yes.  All you need to do is call or email us 5-days prior to your next billing date..  Of course, we would hate to see you go, but that’s life.